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What is the AWS Application Migration Service (MGN)?

AWS Application Migration Service is the recommended migration service for performing Lift and Shift (Rehost) migrations to AWS. You can migrate applications and databases running on Windows and Linux OS.
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AWS Application Migration Service simplifies the experience of migrating a physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure to an AWS account and runs natively. It minimizes manual processes that can lead to migration errors.

“AWS Application Migration Service makes migration faster and more secure with its automated processes for a wide range of applications.”

MGN uses continuous replication, so your data is kept up to date while the migration takes place, and you can track the operations your application performs without impacting its performance.

AWS Application Migration Service is based on CloudEndure Migration, MGN is already inside AWS, but there are situations where it is necessary to use CloudEndure, such as Compatibility Issues.
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But how does it work?

● First, you need to install an agent on the server to be migrated.
● When the agent is installed, communication and replication to AWS will be performed. While the migration takes place, you can operate your applications normally.
● After replication, tests are performed to check if the migration was successful.
● Once the tests are done, the CutOver is executed to finalize the migration and the servers are launched on AWS.


● Minimal downtime during migration.
● Cost reduction


It is free as long as the migration does not last more than 90 days. After the 90-day period, an hourly charge of $0.042 USD per server or approximately ~$30 USD per month is charged.
At XalDigital we help you make a plan to migrate your data to the cloud in the most efficient way for your business. We accompany you throughout the process; we have the support of partners such as AWS, GPC, Azure, AT&T, Hashicorp, and Wizzie. Contact us and take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud.

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