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Since 2006 VOLARIS has been one of the airlines with the highest presence in Mexico, offering quality customer service and an extensive choice of products.
Currently VOLARIS offers flights to 173 routes (96 national within Mexico and 77 international flights) reaching 69 airports in Mexico, United States, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Offering more than 334 daily flight sectors in routes that connect cities in other countries.

VOLARIS had the need to begin its migration processes to the cloud not only to take advantage of technological trends, but also to automate processes, eliminate limits such as the handling of large volumes of data and provide greater value to the company with its data and with the help of new technologies.

However, in order to cause the least impact to the productive processes, a hybrid deployment was implemented allowing the use of the private cloud (On Premise) and public cloud (AWS).

XALDIGITAL proposed MOVE AND AUTOMATIZATION as a solution that helps customers to define and implement a data governance within the cloud, starting the migration and centralization of their main data sources in the Data Lake, with an architecture according to the use case and providing security in the communication with their private network.

Once the data governance was defined and the migration was successfully completed, projects that are essential for the commercial area were addressed, producing reports in a much shorter time compared to the past and sending data models to different suppliers obtaining results that can make a difference in relation to their competitors.

AWS Services used

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