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El Palacio de Hierro is an upscale chain of department stores in Mexico. It is the largest department store in Latin America, and has been a member of the International Association of Department Stores since 2000.

El Palacio de Hierro wants to migrate and modernize its Business Intelligence System into an information and data integration platform with independence from its transactional systems, centralizing information from multiple data sources and processes, managed under a cloud environment that allows self-service.

Complexity comes from the key objective of migrating data ETL processes with data coming from 137 data sources into 62 reports widely consumed through the organization.

Migration Strategy
For the initial stages, an analysis of the initial architecture was carried out, the different entities that would be built based on what is known as a business model for a retail environment were mapped and illustrated. The strategy for extracting information from the input sources was also illustrated and planned to integrate the tool currently used by El Palacio de Hierro.

Information storage in different layers of development, Landing Zone, Staging Zone, Dimensional Zone, Application Zone and grouped the data models in what was called entities, so there was the ability to perform Trace-Back of data and fields and information in case of lack of data at any stage or malfunction in any module.

All the processes that were diagrammed and programmed for execution through AWS step functions and grouped by entities within the company’s processes, so that if one presents errors, it can be executed from scratch or by identifying the data transformation file.

This migration provided the opportunity to adapt the workloads in relation to the migrating data or processes, its characteristics and the part it plays within the BI system as a whole.

Integration of multiple AWS services to monitor ETL processes and data validation throughout multiple stages and storage layers according to data consumption requirements made this a fail safe focused Business Intelligence System and modernization project.

AWS Services Used

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