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AWS Use Case: ESTAFETA Migration to AWS

Estafeta is a leading logistics and cargo solutions company based in Mexico City, Mexico. It operates domestic cargo charters and operations in Mexico and the United States and has over 25 interline agreements providing connecting services to the rest of the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

With XalDigital partnership, Estafeta embarked on a migration of almost all its on-premises infrastructure and production, development, and QA environments to the cloud through a hybrid migration strategy leveraging on-premises and multi cloud architectures.

Estafeta aims to achieve efficient and flexible operation levels that match the business demands, reduce data analysis times and costs, strategic and effective use of information and support after migration.

Migration Strategy

The hybrid migration route was determined to be less disruptive to the organization ops and allowed for a migration plan that explored services and improved processes and practices in a safe way that did not present high risks. Lessons learned were applied to the waves that followed in the migration plan and process improvements were implemented in already delivered waves.

This type of architecture implemented in the migration helps to generate a recovery plan in case of an incident that helps recover the instances quickly. Resources with high availability were used in most cases and both the security and network issues were structured separately, in different layers, along with isolated communications and limited access according to best practices and implementing the AWS security maturity model.

All solution deployments were in different availability zones and had a load balancer in front of them to guarantee the availability of the application.

The architecture implemented a multi-account strategy, recommended by AWS, using Control Tower as the basis for landing zone deployment. This type of architecture helped us with better control of each component and project within the organization by making use of different services controlled from the same site and implementing organizational policies separating the accounts by project, environment, and purpose.

Prioritized migration tools for better planning and sizing of the architecture to be implemented and use of AWS Managed Services and its native AWS tools like Cost Explorer and with Trusted Advisor to take advantage of 20+ cost saving patterns in AWS architecture optimization, EC2 instance, and AWS account-centric optimizations for creating personalized cost savings recommendations.

Additionally, to a successful Hybrid Migration, XalDigital, as an experienced AWS Partner, considered all Estafeta’s needs and provided a migration strategy rounded by managed services, this way the migration is ensured to be followed by appropriate support with firsthand migration context and architectural knowledge.

AWS Services Used

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