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Tiny Machine Learning and Its Benefits

One of the branches of Artificial Intelligence is Machine Learning, a handy tool for different industries due to its capacity for analyzing, predicting, and processing large amounts of information. However, this tool may not be for everyone since one of the disadvantages of using this technology is that its operation can be hindered by its size. This is because it is necessary to create powerful and complex algorithms that require large amounts of data, large space in the cloud, and powerful computers.

So, we find Tiny Machine Learning, a technology that seeks to enhance all the benefits of Machine Learning and its applications by making it more accessible in size. In addition, it can be applied to a broader range of devices, making it more effective and faster.

“Currently, we can witness Machine Learning intelligence performing in speech recognition, autocorrect, and even detecting breast cancer.”

Some of the benefits of Tiny Machine Learning

Environmentally friendly: By not needing to be constantly connected to the cloud, it reduces its size and the power needed for a computer to run it. Therefore, it will also reduce its carbon footprint and pollute emissions.
No internet connection needed: Algorithms will be applicable without relying on the cloud every time a deep learning process needs to be performed.
Cyber security: As data will not need to navigate through the cloud to function, there is less risk of data theft.
Improved application performance: Today, we can witness Machine Learning intelligence operating in Google Assistant voice recognition and textual autocorrection. Even researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are already using Machine Learning to detect breast cancer earlier. The role of Tiny Machine Learning is to make these technologies faster and more efficient.
Economic: Its popularization and great usefulness indicate that, in a few years, it will be implemented in all areas of industry and business, making processes more straightforward and more innovative. This is because it will add tools such as voice, text, and image recognition to technological devices that were previously unthinkable, such as watches, cars, televisions, or printers.
Innovation in AI applications: By being available in a broader range of electronic devices, there is room for technological innovations such as self-driving cars and voice-activated domestic appliances, among others.

Tiny Machine Learning is a technology that seeks to boost all the benefits of Machine Learning.

You need a group of experts to make the most of this technology and apply it to your business successfully. At XalDigital, we believe that innovation is critical to building a better future.

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