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We help you protect and ensure the availability of information while you reduce costs.

Are you planning to migrate to the AWS cloud?

A cloud migration strategy seems to be something we all want, but how easy is it to achieve? What are the advantages and benefits? What strategy should be taken?

Undoubtedly, these questions have answers that can help us make the right decision because during a migration process there are different considerations to take to achieve the best results for your business, operation and transformation. Together with AWS we can help you solve them and have clarity on the benefits you can achieve. There are tools such as the AWS Migration Readiness Assessment, Migration Evaluator, etc., that help solve many of these questions and of course to make the best decisions, with clear data of your organization or real benefits compared to the industry you belong to, through a business case that gives you all the visibility you require.

Our team will help you make an overall assessment of your current environment, considering the pillars of AWS:

  • Cloud Value Framework
  • Cost Saving (TCO)
  • Operational Resilience
  • Staff Productivity
  • Business Agility


AWS tools provide you with the knowledge you need to plan your path to the cloud and reach your goal:

  • Understanding your current starting point for your migration to the cloud.
  • An understanding of your company’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to cloud migration.
  • Information on the measures necessary for a successful migration.


There are different approaches and needs to be solved in a migration process where the business needs, the current status of the infrastructure, necessary licensing, resource allocation strategy and requirements of applications, services and databases must be considered.


It is a migration process where the existing on premise infrastructure is replicated in the cloud. It is the most basic migration.


It is a migration focused on migrating in a way that optimizes and restructures the underlying infrastructure by creating a new platform that hosts the systems in an optimized way.


It is a migration that involves an infrastructure with multiple deployments, either with different cloud service providers or on-site in a way that allows for the efficiency, data security and management that such an architecture requires.


They consist of taking the migration to the next level, taking the solution, platform and infrastructure to the cloud, accompanied by a modernization of systems, tools, databases, applications and servers, incorporating elements of infrastructure, software development, devops, data analytics, native services and modern architectures to integrate a resilient and scalable solution.


At XalDigital, we have a group of architects and specialists with proven experience and always with the priority of helping organizations to have the best experience on their way to the cloud.

We follow the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) framework, which consists of three stages with clear tasks and objectives:

1. MAP Assess

Our team will help you assess your current environment, considering infrastructure, technology and business needs, applications and services in use, operational impact, current costs, optimizations and cost reductions, timeframe, and readiness to migrate.


  • Data Collection
  • Interviews for business understanding
  • Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Business Case


2. MAP Mobilize
In this stage, the aim is to know and map the priorities, dependencies and other incentives or needs that fall on the different workloads, confirm the architecture to be implemented, carry out the implementation of the landing zone and test on representative pilot workloads.


  • Final Architecture
  • Migration Plan
  • Pilot/MVP load testing
  • Evaluation on AWS Well-Architected Pillars.
  • Landing Zone


3. MAP Migrate & Modernize
Modernize: Implement the necessary changes, upgrades, refactorings and developments across the infrastructure, services and applications to be implemented.

Migration: Perform the migration on time and in compliance with the requirements, following the migration plan, performing the tagged workloads properly and monitoring the operation, performance and consumption log to obtain the benefits of the AWS cloud.



Cloud Migrations

We help you make a plan to migrate your data to the cloud in the most efficient way for your business, either hybrid (on-premise + cloud) or 100% in the cloud.

Cloud Platform

We design and enable the base architecture of your digital transformation. Taking into account the technological ecosystem and the needs of your business.

Custom Cloud Communication Options

We put together the most suitable way for you to transfer and access your information in the cloud.

Managed Services

We are available 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about your business infrastructure and processes running in the cloud.


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