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About Us

We are a company that translates data into information, ready for decision making, creating new business opportunities.

Our History



  • XalDigital was born on September 21st as Xalytics Digital
  • First approaches with AWS
  • Big Data and Analytics areas are created
  • Xalytics Digital changes its name to XalDigital
  • 20 collaborators
  • loT and Operation areas are created
  • Opening of a subsidiary in Guatemala
  • 54 collaborators
  • Innovation area is created
  • Opening of a subsidiary in Spain
  • Closer ties with Google and Microsoft
  • Start of equipment manufacturing (hardware)
  • 67 collaborators
  • Data Science and Organizational Development areas are created
  • Obtained the Rising Star of the Year award
  • 150 collaborators
  • Joined the AWS Marketplace
  • First project with Google

Our Principles

Innovation & Creativity

We push the boundaries of knowledge and discover new ways of creating solutions that are sustainable over time and generate competitive advantages for the organizations.

Passion & Dedication

We are passionate about business transformation and innovate with the adoption of new technologies to enable us to anticipate potential business needs.

Adaptation & Solution

We are the boldness behind our clients, we adapt quickly to understand their business and their needs; generating solutions and results that enable long term relationships.

Our presence

We are a company that expands to enlarge knowledge, creativity and quality in our solutions and services, which is accompanied by cultural diversity.









Why XD and why do hedgehogs stand for us?

I am Xalvy!

I am Spiky!

As you may know, hedgehogs are known for having good hearing, a good sense of smell and being adaptable. This is why XalDigital chose Xalvy and Spiky as guides to help you in your digital transformation.

At XalDigital we seek to be like hedgehogs on a daily basis: we listen to you, we seek (“sniff”) to know what is the best solution that your company needs, and we adapt to any situation.

Xal means SOLUTION (Somali)

They are the two key pieces (Xalvy & Spiky). Thanks to their knowledge we have been able to maintain relationships and create long term solutions with our clients.

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